The Godzilla Principle

The Godzilla Principle

In this week’s Foundations Friday 60: The Godzilla Principle I share the concept of the same name from Michael S. Dobson’s book “Streetwise Project Management”. The concept is pretty straight forward. In the original Godzilla movie people chose not to take out Baby Godzilla. Later, Godzilla grew up and rampaged through and destroyed much of the city. Godzilla represents a metaphor for when Program or Project Managers that do not manage risks early on. These risks then end up having to responded to as issues later in the project.

Learn more from Dobson’s book on Amazon and also from this podcast on a previous episode called “12 Immutable Laws of Project Management” from way back in October 2019.

Listen here: The Godzilla Principle

From Michael Dobson’s website:

Unlike other introductory project management guides on the market that focus simplistically on the HR side of project management, this book covers diagramming techniques, work breakdown structures, software, evaluation and review techniques — all in an intelligent layperson’s style. Also covers teams, conflict resolution, negotiation, and office politics.” – Michael S. Dobson

  • Time Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Quality Control
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Control
  • Communications

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