The Hard Path to Labor Day

The Hard Path to Labor Day – A poem to pay homage to all that contributed to America and the hardships that lead us to Labor Day.

The Hard Path to Labor Day by Kevin Pannell:

To the early settlers of Jamestown who sailed across the sea,
to the enslaved who were brought here unwillingly,
to those that fought and died to break free from tyranny,
to those that toiled and debated what the laws of this country should be.

To the settlers that headed west not knowing what they’d find,
to the native peoples who lost so much and so many of their kind,
to the industrial north that built factories and manufactured goods,
to the agricultural south that worked the land and cleared the woods.

To the people that fought to free those were in bondage across this land,
to the humans that helped new immigrants by offering a helping hand,
to the inventors and industrialists who made their ideas come true,
to the ones who fought so women could have the same rights too.

To the young ones working factories that lost legs, arms, fingers and toes,
to those along the way that cleared the land and built the railroads,
to those that created vehicles to move people and goods across the land,
to all who’ve worn the uniform when it was time to take a stand.

To those that marched for freedom and went on to heaven’s gate,
to this melting pot that’s often boiled with hostility and hate,
to those whose collar is blue and work so very hard with their hands,
to those in suits who run the companies across the lands.

To us all who have labored to help build America I say,
We have all contributed to this nation and the world in our own way
and thank you for the hardship you endured that lead us to Labor Day.

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