The Successful Project Manger with Donna Gregorio, PMP

PPP92: The Successful Project Manager with Donna Gregorio – “As PMs (Project Managers) we often get wrapped up in creating schedules and developing administrative details rather than focusing on project execution. Although doing what we are told the status reporting pm services can become extraneous. PMs need be irreplaceable. Not irrelevant with so much to manage. How do you know where to focus your energy. How do you know which game changer. Techniques to use in each phase of complex projects to drive project success.”

The Successful Project Manager with Donna Gregorio
The Successful Project Manager with Donna Gregorio

I read the above paragraph to kick off this week’s episode with the Author, Donna Gregorio. Donna Gregorio, PMP, helps organizations disrupt “change as usual” through a practical and repeatable framework, transforming their culture from surviving change to growing through change. She is a veteran of corporate IT project management, a published author, a college graduate school instructor, and a well-respected conference speaker. Donna has presented in front of classrooms of 20-50 and conference presentations of 50-100+. She also demonstrates style, grace, comfort, and is able to explain complex technical issues in an interesting way. During our conversation Donna explains to the audience how to reconnect with tools in addressing challenges, what matters most, so they can achieve positive results.

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Time stamps:

  • 00:00:00 – Opening
  • 00:06:13 – Musical bands and Project Management
  • 00:11:55 – You can’t spend all your time status reporting
  • 00:43:16 – Impracticality of using all 75 tools from the PMBOK
  • 01:00:57 – Managing up and becoming irreplaceable
  • 01:29:47 – Contacting Donna, Kevin and closing

Donna and I had a great conversation where we discussed the concept of Project Managers making themselves irreplaceable to their projects and organizations, the concept of PMs conducting “get well checks” throughout the lifecycle of their projects, the ever popular Waterfall vs. Agile project management styles and Donna shares practical advices for new and experienced Project Managers alike on key tools and techniques that should be part of every project.

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