The Value of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Original post from March 2019:
The short discussion below started when my youngest:

  • Son 3 saw me gathering my Jiu Jitsu Gi and other clothes to take to the washing machine and asked, “Daddy? Why is Jiu Jitsu important?”  
  • To which Son #2 replied, “It isn’t important.
  • To which I said, “Yes son. It is.
  • With a slight head nod Sons 2&3 then asked, “Why?”
  • I then responded “Well. You know how I used to have a big belly, then trained in the garage and house to get in better shape?
  • They laughed and both smiling “Yes!”
  • I kept going, “Jiu Jitsu helps push me to another level of fitness for my mind and body, and more importantly, if I am used to defending myself or attacking and training with others as training partners on the same team then I’m much more comfortable if a bad guy wants to come after me.”. “It also helps reinforce that there is always someone stronger, faster, or more skilled, so we all have to do our best to avoid fights.
Joe Rogan dropping some reality when asked the value of BJJ
  • I continued, “Learning how to fight is a good way because we are more familiar with how hurt you can get.
  • Then, Son #2 gave his perspective “To me it is important and it isn’t important“…wait for it…” It isn’t because you don’t have to train Jiu Jitsu and you can train other things like kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, or something
  • I responded, “Yes, you can train whatever you want.
  • Then my second oldest says (Son #2) “It is important to me because it helps make you stronger and better to protect us.” It was great to hear my almost 8-year-old son’s (Son #2) logic after I talked to him about why I get so much value from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) white belt
The hardest BJJ belt to earn. The White Belt.

If You Know, you Know

For those of us that roll, we get it. For those that don’t I really encourage you to take an intro class. You will be “level set” in life. What do I mean by this? You will know what you can really do if someone’s body weight, power or different techniques are coming at you. Believe me when I say that unless you are already on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu path or have a history of wrestling or real fighting, you will be in for a welcome awakening. You will begin to experience mental and physical growth on the mat and in the outside world.

After a good roll where you’ve submitted another human or a class where you are constantly the anvil instead of the hammer, suddenly the lack of creamer in the office break room isn’t such a big deal. Struggle in life is all about perspective. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will not doubt help shape a new perspective for you.

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Update March 2022: Updated contact information, site optimization and added Joe Rogan’s statement on the value of BJJ


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