The Value of Project Manager Taskbooks

Taskbooks are effective tools

In, The Value of Project Manager Taskbooks, I answer the question, “What if Project Managers had a standardized, on-the-job credentialing process?”. How about if there was a mentoring program that included typical real-world tasks Project Managers must complete? What if these tasks were observed by a more senior and previously credentialed Project Manager? Well, in ‘Project Manager Taskbooks’ I share the credentialing process that does exist in the All-Hazards Incident Management world.

In the Incident Management world, to be fully credentialed, you have to have a “taskbook” signed off. One earns sign off through observation and practical application of skills. The process is very effective, and I think would also help new or aspiring Project Managers in the Public and Private sectors.

To read more about the Planning Section Chief taskbook visit the FEMA website at

Thank you for reading here and for listening to The Value of Project Manager Taskbooks. As a Project manager I see a lot of value in using standardized checklist to continually track the professional progress of Project Mangers.

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