There’s Always Opportunity for Rebirth | Foundations Friday 89

In There’s Always Opportunity for Rebirth | Foundations Friday 89, I share how the study of Passover and Easter has reminded me that we always have the opportunity to make changes in our personal and professional lives.

In our personal lives, we can take a moment to look at how we’re connected with our family and friends. Evaluate our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Mentally are we taking time for ourselves? Do we practice mindfulness? Physically are we exercising? Can we improve our diet? Spiritually have we embraced a faith of some sort? Can we give part of our worries to something bigger than ourselves?

In our professional lives, we can look at our current jobs. Are there spaces we can put more effort into? Are there areas we can spend less time on? Do we want to stay in our current job? Do I have the skills to find another job?

The exodus from Egypt occurs in every human being, in every era, in every year, and in every day.” —Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.” – Janine di Giovanni

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