Think Positive – 32 Positive Trends to Ponder

In Think Positive – 32 Positive Trends to Ponder I share 16 trends of bad things getting better and 16 trends of good things expanding. The data from this episode comes from Hans Rosling’s book Factfulness.

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People often call me an optimist, because I show them the enormous progress they didn’t know about. That makes me angry. I’m not an optimist. That makes me sound naive. I’m a very serious “possibilist”. That’s something I made up. It means someone who neither hopes without reason, nor fears without reason, someone who constantly resists the overdramatic worldview. As a possibilist, I see all this progress, and it fills me with conviction and hope that further progress is possible. This is not optimistic. It is having a clear and reasonable idea about how things are. It is having a worldview that is constructive and useful.” – ― Hans Rosling, Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

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Hope is NOT a plan – No Egos – No Silos

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