Time to Re-Charter Your Project?

Is it ok to "re-charter" a project? - Image of charger with People, Process, Progress Podcast crest.
Is it ok to “re-charter” a project?

Is it time to Re-Charter Your Project? Traditionally we create a charter very early in the process or phase of the overall program or project. But what if your project or planning seem to be going off the rails or circumstances have changed quite a bit, I submit updating or “re-chartering” is something to consider.

Listen here! – Time to Re-Charter Your Project?

Some key project items to review when updating the charter include:
– Will this project still benefit the organization?
– How far off is the schedule?
– Do we still have budget for the remaining work?
– Has our scope expanded or contracted?
– Do we need different team members or resources?

Thank you all for reading this short write up and for listening to the podcast.

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