Track Resources Effectively as a Resource Unit Leader

In ‘Track Resources Effectively as a Resource Unit Leader‘ I share best practices in standing up the Resource Unit. This Unit provides accountability for all personnel on an incident.

What is a Resource Unit leader? Let’s read the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) definition:

The Resources Unit Leader (RESL) establishes all incident check-in activities including preparing and processing resource status information and maintaining a master list of resources assigned to the incident and their assignment at the incident. The RESL supervises the Status/Check-in Recorder (SCKN) and reports to the Planning Section Chief (PSC). The RESL works in the Planning functional area.

Listen here: Track Resources Effectively as a Resource Unit Leader

The RESL’s role on any planned event or incident response is critical. The RESL has responsibility to know where everyone is on the scene of the disaster or working during a planned event. Why does this matter? The basics are to help with water, food and bathroom planning. But, what if a bomb goes off? What if a car drives into a crowd? The RESL should almost instantly be able to support Operations and Incident Command to activate response and contingency plans. Without knowing where our people are an incident within the incident will spiral out of control.

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