How to Transition to Project Management

Transitioning to Project Management
Transitioning to Project Management

Are you thinking of transitioning to the Project Management career field? I’m posting about ‘PPP53: You’re a Project Manager, and You Don’t Even Know It” as I released the podcast episode, but I didn’t post here about it when it came out in October 2020. This episode will help listeners learn how to transition to Project Management. To do this, I use examples of how I cross-mapped my Public Safety and All-Hazards Incident Management skills to those of Project Management as I prepared to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam in 2019.

Listen here – Transitioning to Project Management

Experience to PM Cross mapping Examples

  • Re-writing an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) -> working with stakeholders
  • Coordinating annual Emergency Medical System (EMS) “Shift Bid” -> data-driven decision making
  • Creating and delivering Active Threat Training for over 700 First Responders -> coordinating multi-disciplinary teams
Mapping previous experience into Project Management

📓 Have a plan to keep your team aligned | ℹ Stay informed with facts, not fear or rumors | 🤝 Then get involved so you can make a difference

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