We Don’t Really Know Until We Face Resistance | FF46

Resistance + Education = Knowledge and Experience

We Don’t Really Know Until We Face Resistance | FF46” is inspired by Brett McKay’s interview of Teddy Atlas on the ‘Art of Manliness’ podcast from May 16, 2022. In part of the interview Brett refers to a statement from Teddy. Teddy says, “a fighter isn’t really a fighter until they face resistance”.

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This is also, maybe especially true, for Program, Project and Incident Management Team (IMT) members. In each of these fields one can be trained and certified. Training however is very different than having had to apply the principles in a less than ideal scenario, e.g. when meeting resistance. This is where true Program, Project and IMT professionals grow into their roles.

What is key for folks breaking into a new field and that have a shiny new credential is to accept that they don’t know everything and that often life doesn’t go by the book. And that’s ok. This is where we learn to improvise, adapt and overcome.

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Hear the full interview at https://www.artofmanliness.com/character/manly-lessons/teddy-atlas-boxing-trainer-interview/

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