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Welcome to the KEV Talks Podcast website! I’m your host Kevin Pannell. On KEV Talks Podcast you’ll hear compelling interviews from business owners, authors, and thought leaders. I’ll talk to interesting folks from the Public Safety, Technology, Healthcare, and Wellness spaces. I’ll also provide my $.02 in these areas based on my over 20 years of experience across these industries.

Instead of, “Why should you listen to Kevin?”, I’ll say, “Here are some of the things I’ve accomplished.”

  • Delivering rapid requests, assembly, and deployment of Public Safety response task forces
  • Repeatedly chosen to stand up Private Industry project teams and lead enterprise-wide Technology rollout efforts
  • Successfully balanced the variation in stakeholder involvement that facilitated program and project success
  • Leveraged technology trends to innovate Healthcare
  • Thousands of views and positive feedback on videos I’ve shared with a practical exercise, mental health, and wellness tips

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” – John D. Rockefeller

Again, Welcome to the KEV Talks Podcast website! Now it’s up to you. I’d appreciate it if you come back when the episodes start rolling out. On my end, I will commit that each episode provides a little something to make your day better. To help you succeed a little more in your personal and professional life.

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