What Is Your Kryptonite?

Superman rash guard - What is your kryptonite?
Superman rash guard – What is your kryptonite?

What Is Your Kryptonite? – Just as Superman faces his enemies when they have his weakness kryptonite as a weapon, we as normal people can face our own weaknesses every day. Staying up too late? Drinking those extra beers or glass of wine? Frustrated with your kids too easy? Too shy to speak up in the meeting at work? Each of our kryptonites vary, but we need to address them.

Feel like you can’t get out of a slump? Consider going to counseling. Put on some pounds during last year’s lockdowns? Start exercising regularly. Drinking those extra beers? Consider a dry day, week or month. Spend time with your kids. We do this thing warrior Wednesdays where we work on Jiu Jitsu stuff or some boxing. It’s a great bonding exercise, fun and teaches them real skills for the world. I talked about last episode, but if you’re feeling burned out take a break. Go on leave and disconnect a bit. We can find solutions to our woes, but we have to be willing to face our own kryptonite.

LISTEN HERE – Foundations Friday 28: What Is Your Kryptonite?

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