What You Allow in Your Presence You Promote

In “What You Allow in Your Presence You Promote / Foundations Friday #99”, I cover the impact of a leader’s actions when managing teams. I emphasize the importance of addressing negative comments and behaviors within the team, as failing to do so may be perceived as an endorsement of such activities.

Full transparency, I didn’t come up with this insight on my own. I learned this from a great friend and Incident Management mentor. He shared this as we were talking about our Incident Management Team (IMT) deployment and some grumblings we were hearing among our members. So what did we do? We talked as the IMT leadership team; then we addressed our team members directly. We shared the leader’s intent and reiterated the objectives of our IMT’s mission. For more, listen to this week’s episode below.

Thank you all for listening to “What You Allow in Your Presence You Promote / Foundations Friday #99”. I hope this week’s message helps you prepare to lead teams as the new week starts.

Godspeed y’all,


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