Why Project Managers Should Challenge Assumptions

Challenge Assumptions

In “Why Project Managers Should Challenge Assumptions“, I share guidance from the book Managing Projects Large and Small. Particularly the selection on the value of challenging assumptions made early in a project.

From the Book:

Where do these figures and specifications come from? Some may come off the top of someone’s head without a great deal of thought – not the product of careful reflection, measurement, or calculation. Certainly, neither the sponsor nor any of the key shareholders produced these figures through the careful work breakdown structure and scheduling exercises demonstrated earlier. Let’s reflect on some of these key

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Find Managing Projects Large and Small from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Managing-Projects-Large-Small-Fundamental/dp/1591393213

I hope this Foundations Friday Why Project Managers Should Challenge Assumptions was helpful. It’s important for Program and Project Managers to remember that the environment and politics change as can the supply chain from the time of kickoff through execution of the program or project.

For more on project and program management search “project or program” on this website.

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