You-Jitsu Questions & Guidance

This is the You-Jitsu Questions & Guidance form for the ‘You-Jitsu’ podcast that I also host. If you’re new ask a question and if colored belt provide some advice. As I and my guests share helpful advice, lessons learned and more on the KEV Talks Podcast, so to do I share my $.02 as a 40-something Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Blue Belt training out of Team Mannon BJJ in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Kevin Pannell
BJJ Blue Belt

If you’re thinking of starting or just getting going in BJJ, ask a question. If your belt has changed colors, please leave some advice for newer BJJ players so their journey is a little bit more efficient. Notice I didn’t say “easier”? We all know BJJ isn’t easy.

Thank you submitting the You-Jitsu Questions & Guidance form. In addition to my podcast and advice as the 3x World Warm Up Round Champion (me), I also recommend you visit the BJJ Path site. BJJ Path has outstanding write ups and videos from the folks at Revolution BJJ in Richmond, Virginia.

Thank you all for listening and remember…



Kevin Pannell, PMP | Creator & Host ‘KEV Talks’ & ‘You-Jitsu’ Podcasts

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