You’re In Your Role to Make an Impact

You’re In Your Role to Make an Impact | Foundations Friday #103 is inspired by the article from July 26, 2023, titled How to Be a Purpose-Driven Leader Without Burning Out by Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo on the Harvard Business Review website.

Key points from the article:

  1. When you interact with your employees, ask how what they need to get stuff done
  2. Assist your team’s decision-making process through purpose-focused questions
  3. Put more of your time and calories into team members that will respond more

Servant leadership was a crucial stepping-stone into a more humane world of work. But the next evolution is upon us. The workplace data (and our own experiences) tells us that we’re at an inflection point. We’re standing in a moment in time where leaders, both formal and informal, must move forward towards a more purposeful leadership style that focuses on the impact that the organization’s work has on real live human beings.” – Lisa Earle McLeod & Elizabeth Lotardo


  • Hope is not a plan
  • Work a shared process
  • No egos
  • No silos

Thank you for reading here and for listening to you’re In Your Role to Make an Impact | Foundations Friday #103. For more on coaching vs. consulting read the July 29, 2021 post and listen to the episode Practical Leadership Skills for Engaging Your Employees.

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Hope is NOT a plan – No Egos – No Silos

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